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Termina the founder of Termina Feng Shui also known as 'The Happy Magnet' has the uncanny ability to tilt the odds so the best will happen. She resides with her family in Queensland, Australia where she lives a lifestyle of fun, 

The below list shows inclusions for a Comprehensive Feng Shui Report, each inclusion can be invested in individually. See Consultation services

- A comprehensive report with Feng Shui cures and activations
- Personal and General Space analysis
- Your optimum colours to use and furniture placement especially beds, lounges and desks
- A list for best areas to assist study, career, health and relationships
- Visiting Energy assessment; annual, monthly and 20 year cycle movements including Cures and Activations
- A reconfirmation of your to do list and any addition resources given for support
- Analysis on the placement of fire in the home (stove, BBQ, fireplaces etc)
- Identification of most prosperous entry point
- Identification for Geopathic stress
- Advice on water feature placement to stimulate financial prosperity
- Recommendations on how you could improve ALL aspects of your life by activating positive energies and neutralising negative energies
- Feng Shui will be applied in every room
- Enrichment and enhancement suggestions, if applicable, that are inexpensive, practical and incorporate the five elements of Feng Shui
- Detailed report emailed, hard copy at clients request sent
- Current Almanac and Chinese Astrology summary of up to 2 occupants of your choice, additional occupants upon request. 

What is Feng Shui

​The important thing to remember is that your environment is your physical visualisation board and this unconsciously creates your outcomes, 24 hours a day. With Feng Shui we can arrange our environment so that we receive maximum support with solutions for improvement by increasing the energy of the home or office so that there is improvement in the health, wealth, relationships and growth areas of our lives. The Chinese and now Quantum Physics teach us that we are surrounded by energy. Our environment is energy. Einstein told us, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Energy or energy forces in Feng Shui are termed as Qi (chi). A good flow energy, also known as frequency, leads to abundance, prosperity and happiness while negative energy leads to misfortune and unhappiness.The art and science of Feng Shui helps harness the power of good energy in the environment and cures the effects of negative energy. Many home and business owners confirm to the fact that Termina Feng Shui has helped them with their struggles and even result in a more attractive living or work space. View our services or contact us so that we may help you too.


A consultation normally consists of:
An initial telephone conversation – the client and consultant establish what is needed, how the consultation will progress and the price. You will be asked to provide a floor plan drawn to scale showing all the rooms, doors and windows and the construction date of the building within a 20 year period (eg 1944-1964, 1964 – 1984, etc). Additionally if there have been any renovations or extensions involving the removal or addition of the roof or room, we would need to know what year these occurred. The birth dates of occupants is also required. If you do not have a floor plan please let us know.

The consultation – either in person on site or remotely, depending on your personal needs. This is when we follow-up – which consists of a written report and a second consultation either on site or by phone.
Please note: Office and Business Consultations differ in cost from a larger corporation as well as remote consultations.
A Feng Shui comprehensive consultation of your home or office takes an average of two to five hours, pending size.  In the first 15-30 minutes we will discuss what you want to achieve out of the consultation and clarify exactly what you want to change, where you may feel blocked and want a shift in your life.   The consultant will map out the compass directions of the environment, to establish your good fortune and misfortune areas based on space and time Feng Shui. Some rooms will have a good fortune, while others will not, you will learn the cures for these misfortunes and activations for the good fortunes Personal Feng Shui directions for household occupants will also be established for up to 4 occupants, a small addition cost will be incurred for additional member. For offices and business premises this will be dependent on the size and amount of employees. Identification of the most prosperous entry point including checks for Geopathic stress. Then we walk through your spaces together to discuss what requires change or activation around in each room to make a more harmonious arrangement and what will support your personal desired outcome. 
A clear prioritised to-do list by the end of the consultation will be given to you, as well as any additional resources that might further support you during this time of transformation. Within 10 days you will be provided.
Note: We may move things around in your spaces to instantly unblock the flow of Qi during the consultation. 
The cures and activations that are recommended will incorporate the five elements and they will be inexpensive, practical and blend in with your decor. Cures and activations are not about turning your environment into a Zen monastery, these are based on superstition and are not part of traditional Feng Shui. Instead recommendations are provided in a manner through fine-tuning and harnessing the energies that you and your property are receiving through the use of colour and furniture placement. You can still have items you like in your home although it may simply mean that it is placed in an enhancing or correct activation direction.
After analysing the energies the consultation will be able to inform you of what you may have been experiencing in this home with regards to finances, health and relationships. This cannot be assessed if you have just moved in. Time Feng Shui Stars will determine why you may argue more in certain areas of your home, have problems sleeping, lack motivation, just feel stuck or that since moving in you are having money, health or relationship issues. Every building has both negative and positive energies and the consultation will work to balance these energies. This is done by neutralising the negative energies and enhancing the positive ones.

Whether you are Building, Designing, Buying, Renting, Selling, Living or Working in a premises, Feng Shui improves your life in so many ways. If there is something going on in your life that you wish to change or improve: Health, career, relationships, financial issues, support, business, wealth, or academic achievement. — You name it — it’s all possible by adjusting your environment. All of life circumstances fall under the Feng Shui umbrella of possibilities and there is no limit to what you can improve or amplify positively when these ancient principles and science is applied. 

joy and opportunities, and believes in navigating her own world of experiences through Feng Shui. Termina, a Feng Shui expert, mentor, author of books and an interior designer has worked on many projects both residential and commercial including an open design radio station, Fox Studios and a variety of set designs for TV and film.

"It was through my studies and practice of Feng shui that I discovered the importance this ancient art plays in our life. 33% of our experiences are created through our physical visualisation board, our environment. When we apply the principles of Feng Shui our lives become the choices we desire, we are in control of our own experiences and good fortune is attainable. Through Feng Shui I have seen improvements and successes in my own life along with the many others who have appointed my services."

I wish for you a Happy, Harmonious, Prosperous and Abundant Life,

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Termina Ashton

What does the Feng Shui consultation involve


How can a Feng Shui consultation benefit you

Feng Shui is a science and ancient art based on laws that govern the flow of energy. The term Feng Shui translates to "wind-water" in English and is a Chinese Metaphysic Art, practised through formulas and calculations using energy forces referred to as Qi (chi). Energy in the environment remains stuck, people are prevented from moving forward, or experience unwanted circumstances, however, by increasing the flow of energy this clears the path to propel forward and to bring to fruition desired intentions. By creating Positive changes in the environment it produces improvements in the level and flow of Qi energy bringing high levels of good fortune and creating a more favourable and harmonious layout for a home or office.
Today Feng Shui is used widely around the world and the objectives for a Feng Shui consultation can vary depending on the homeowner or business owners desired outcome. The common desired outcomes include; healthy family relationships, improved physical and mental health, preservation or growth of financial wealth and harmony. 

Through the art and science of Feng Shui we can improve different aspects of life in areas such as:
Environment psychology
Physical spaces influence the way we feel, think, and interact with the world, it is our auto pilot for outcomes. Feng Shui principles contain activations and cures to improve our quality, happiness and success in life.
Architecture and Design
Feng Shui contributes to all kinds of building-related projects and is increasingly sought after and valued in a broad span of projects involving interior design, lighting design, garden and landscape design, urban design, master planning, property renovation, construction and architecture.
Through environmental psychology and personal preferences, Feng Shui practices activate and enhance success by inviting more flow in money, work or acknowledgement.
Whether it is Educational, spiritual, or personal advancement Feng Shui practice activates and enhances the Qi flow.
Health and Wellbeing
Feng Shui helps create and maintain good health through connection with the environment and how a person feels and functions in their environment. Enhancing health includes clutter management, space cleansing and environmental psychology.
Clutter management
Letting go of things that have negative connections or serve no worthwhile purpose. This makes space for positive replacements.  Feng Shui recognises that clutter can make people feel disorganised, uncreative, tired, anxious and burdened. It is a fundamental Feng Shui principle to physically remove clutter, reorganise storage and clear obstructed spaces.
Feng Shui Space cleansing
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. When unpleasant feelings linger, space cleansing the environment transforms the energy and can leave a clearer, lighter and happier atmosphere. Everything that happens in an environment including conflict, trauma, and illness leave imprints and can attract other unwanted dense energy unless they are intentionally cleared. Subtle traces of past events can make places feel happy or sad. Replacing old carpet or furnishings, clutter management and redecorating all help to keep a place feeling good as well as Feng Shui Emotional and Etheric Space Clearing.

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